logo design

Prompted by a professor to develop a product dealing with insects, I developed branding for Formica, a fictitious protective gear company.

Formica uses chemicals found in ants to produce helmets and other protective gear that is durable, shock-absorbing, and environmentally friendly.

The final logo visually embodies different qualities of construction and protective gear companies.

Purpose and use of the product are displayed by the ant, which also doubles as a branding mark.

The color yellow is often used in the industry to represent caution and prevent injury.

Sturdiness is symbolized by the rectangular box framing the logo.

Construction is shown through stacked elements as a whole.

Other logo variations include the designs on the right.

The top version was more direct in its reference to construction workers as ants. Both are productive and collaborative in their building efforts.

The anthill directly hints to the construction of buildings and residential buildings. It also resembles the shape of a helmet.

The bottom version is much less obvious than the other ones.

The “F” stretches out over the top to represent protection and a roof being built.

The yellow highlights on the ant hint to construction helmets both in color and shape.