from matches

branding & package design

I wanted to create a matchbox with a purpose other than storing and lighting matches, so I developed FROM.

I developed a full advertisement (left) to promote the brand and it’s unique features.

This fictitious company produces matchboxes that serve a purpose past the point of lighting a match by allowing users to temporarily store ashes in a compartment in the back of the box. The back is labeled “To Ashes,” hinting to the continuous cycle of life.

The logo (right) is evocative of a lit match, changing to a gray on the ash side of the box to represent the flame being put out.

Various patterns were developed for the strike area on the matchbox (below).

The one that was eventually used on the box was the far right version, created using the gray variant of the logo, hinting to the cycle of life. It was then applied on the black box (right).

Once both sides of the box were developed, the advertisement pictured above was pieced together, including a dynamic layout and inclusion of elements.