new york times table of contents

editorial redesign

I redesigned the table of contents for the 2018 February 11th issue of the New York Times.

Most tables of contents are linear, as they tend to display content as it appears in a magazine. This is something I challenged in my redesign, allowing the reader to browse the content more freely and choose what peaks their interest most, rather than what comes first.

I used a linear element to connect imagery to articles they belong to. In addition, I also incorporated color from the images into the title styles to make the connection more clear (left).

I utilized the same grid format established in the front page for the editorial table of content page of the table of contents to maintain consistency.

Because this page (right) includes less textual information for the curated articles, the original linear approach was maintained.

Again, color was used to tie the image used to its appropriate article. This was done for both the title and the descriptive quote excerpted from the article.