logo design

Working in a group developing a fictitious company to help graphic design students discover possible career paths, I designed this logo.

The theme of hunting was a heavy influence on the entire identity, as it is representative of searching for jobs and ways to survive.

The pointer dog is symbolic of steering people to their goals, as is the case with hunting.

I studied field guides, as they are a way of learning how to navigate specific situations. In them, direction can be given through maps, so I was inspired to make this logo reminiscent of a topographical map, pictured below.

The mark was created with shadows, to give the design a more hands-on, personal feel.

The colors used were influenced by warm yellows and light browns in old hunting magazine covers.

I chose the Chaparral Pro for typeface, as it is a hybrid slab-serif that gives a friendly feel through its varied letter proportions without making it feel unprofessional.