red barn


I decided to develop a concept rebrand for this local restaurant. While it is a local Cape Cod brand, The Red Barn is known by tourists from all over due to its classic barn building and simple decorations. A rebrand that remained true to the building and its homey feel was overdue to better appeal to customers.

A two-logo system was developed to address different audiences depending on purpose (left).

The top mark is the primary logo, as it better represents the building’s appearance and local feel of the brand.

The bottom mark gives the restaurant a modern look that can be better used in square formats.

The branding of this local tourist attraction lacks a system, as its only brand element is a busy and unsophisticated logo (right).

The previous menu used too many colors and a looked designed on a word-processing program (right), so updating it to make it look more professional was essential.

Original drafts of the logo (far left) were developed by turning their iconic building into a simple, modern mark accompanied by text. Wording was reduced to not overwhelm the design.

Drafts with the best potential were then revised and selected according to relevance (left).

I then applied my color scheme to the logos that best represented the brand (right).

The new color palette (below) is warm, embodying the feel of the location and their food, with brighter accent colors for possible illustrations and other elements.

Pictured left is the trifold menu redesign.

The information on the menu's cover is now more spread out, allowing for more room to breathe.

Hierarchy among menu items and categories is set through changes in font style instead of color alone.

Another element that needed redesigning was the pizza box, as it was a generic design that did not recall the brand at all.

I included functionality on the left and right sides through ingredient boxes to be checked off. I also created a linear pattern repeating the primary logo for the front and back sides to tie it back to the brand.

The final box design (right) features the square logo on the top to show pride in the pizza’s origin.

Additionally, a line was left for practicality, where the makers could write the specialty flavor.

The final step was developing informational clothing that both looks good and promotes the business.

The assortment features family-friendly colors (below) that serve a practical purpose, as they do not get dirty easily.