rich rags

cover & merch design

A lot of my favorite musicians released collaborative albums recently. I created a ficticious album and merch for two of my favorite artists: Lil Uzi Vert and PnB Rock.

I chose these two musicians because aside from being in my top five most-listened-to artists, they are both from Philadelphia, are likely to collaborate, and are both mainstream musicians in the Rap and R&B genres.

Both artists have a story of making it big while struggling early on in their lives. Nowadays, they proudly discuss their money and achievements, while displaying their appreciating for art and high fashion. This is something I wanted to capture in this project.

To highlight these features, I came up with the name “Rich Rags” for the group, highlighting their humble beginnings developing into their lavish lifestyles now.

The album cover for the original version is featured left, in a format that fits the rest of the products being displayed.

Because the group would be a surprise release, their collaborative debut would be delivered in the shape of a discrete cover (above). This cover is a simplified version of the deluxe cover, where the artists' identities are concealed from fans.

For the deluxe release, a secondary cover was developed (right), this time revealing the identities of the musicians.

This cover was developed using the images below.

The spread pictured left displays the layout and design used through the booklet, which is designed for CD and LP distribution. The booklet features the appropriate track list for both the regular and deluxe releases, as well as each song's lyrics.

Because the deluxe CD cover is intended to be more special, as an additional part of the album experience, I emphasized this by including elements that glow in the dark.

The same effect was applied for the LP renditions.

Two poster variations were developed showing their early rise to fame, which started for both of them in high school.

Each artist gets their own series of posters. The ones pictured right are Lil Uzi Vert's set of the Locker Set.

Multiple poster variations were developed for the Roots Set. All versions glow in the dark, but only some are featured.

PnB Rock’s posters (left, bottom left) are a composite including his Philadelphia roots, Germantown origin, and romantic references.

Lil Uzi Vert’s posters (below) are a composite including his Philadelphia roots, Francisville origin, and drug references.

Crewnecks are a stylish clothing item that can be paired with just about anything.

Different variations are featured left and below.

Basketball shorts are part of the Rap and R&B culture, both in practicality and fashion.

Different designs are featured right, including a

glow-in-the-dark version.

Beanies are another commonplace clothing item I designed different versions of.

The two hats featured left can also glow under low light exposure.

Bucket hats are another popular type of hat in the Rap and R&B fashion culture. I designed a few variations of these also, this time without a

glow-in-the-dark feature.

Due to the emergence of face masks as an item of need turned into fashion statements in the US,
I developed two mask designs that can also glow in the dark, one of which is featured left.

I also designed sliders, a clothing item that can be used for casual wear year-round, as well as occasional fashion statements.

I designed two light versions, matched by two dark versions (right), and finally showing the dark versions under low light to showcase their ability to glow in the dark (far right).