Dimensional Progression

| Environmental Design | Creative Direction


Design a 21’x 8’ mural representing UMass Dartmouth's values, history, and people for a new dining hall.


A 3D vibrant vinyl and steel cable installation that evokes the Brutalist style of architect Paul Rudolph.

My Role

Concept Director and Designer, managing project conduction and production through development.

| Light Play
| Colorful Brutalism
| Material Texture

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth approached me to develop a vinyl mural for the main staircase at a new dining hall on campus. Restrictions were few, allowing me to think ambitiously. What started out as flat vinyl wrap turned into 3D sculptural mural installation with months of ideating, designing, and planning.

Its staircase wall location with multiple access points and large window were essential aspects to take advantage of.

The natural sunlight casts shadows that visibly change in 20 minutes. The panel/cable arrangement, with varied angles, heights, and colors, represents individuality in our journeys.

The panels are arranged in a net/wave-like composition as a nod to the nautical and fishing histories of Dartmouth and New Bedford.

The reflective vinyl panels also function as a mirror, adding experience through visual depth.

The stark Brutalist style of architect Paul Rudolph inspired the triangular panels, protruding at different angles, and the braided steel cables projecting above it from a shared anchor point.

The concept received praise upon presentation to the University Board and was approved for production.

Production challenges were overcome by meeting with construction supervisors (for building code discussions), a production and installation company (to negotiate and adjust the design for feasible production), and touring the facility during construction to understand the space and produce mockups.

COVID unfortunately stalled the project, as serious budget reallocation prioritized other aspects of the University. However, the vision of Dimensional Progression can be perceived through the panel prototypes, sketches, designs and support created.

Runner Ups

Sailing Foliage represents nautical and forest themes through its use of beam-suspended netting. The design is approachable and creates dimensionality, with decorative opportunity on special occasions and holidays.

Forest Adventure is a spin on campus life and the college journey: housing and food. This vinyl graphic touches on exploring outside your comfort zone. Paper cutout illustrations go along with the surrounding environment.

Deconstructed Grove features small pieces of wood that create playful shadows with the changing sunlight of the day. This installation alludes to the campus' cantilevers and recurring housing forest theme.