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Inspire audience to experience everyday surroundings with fresh eyes and child-like wonder.


An interactive exhibit on light and color, accompanied by branding, posters, and expository booklet.

My Role

Director and lone designer, receiving peer critique to help accurately convey my message.

| Interaction
| Playful
| Presence

I've been captivated by the way color and light interact with their surroundings since I was a kid. This inspired me to craft an experience from blueprint to product, in hopes to in turn inspire audience interest in observing our surroundings through mindful presence.

Six hand-crafted pieces explore different relationships between color, light, and audience. Posters accompany each work, sharing inspiration, intention, composition, and function behind each. A collective booklet also details the exhibit in more depth.

Branding and composition mirror the exhibit: a dimly lit, colorful eminence that evokes motion and interaction between elements.