Creative Direction / Experiential / Exhibit / Branding

the ask

Develop an exhibit for audience to experience everyday surroundings with new eyes and child-like wonder.

the solution

Developed a six-piece interactive exhibit, with each exploring light and color in a way that encourages the audience to notice and interact with such occurrences in daily lives.

the role

Ideator and lone designer with helpful critique to accurately convey message from Jan Fairbairn and peers.

inspiration / everyday

I have been captivated by the way color and light play with their surroundings since I was a kid.

The everyday moments pictured here are just some of the inspiration behind this project.

exhibit / interaction

Images featured show audience interaction with the exhibit once it was installed in a shared environment during Covid.

posters / information

Posters were hanged behind pieces in the exhibit. They discuss each artwork's inspiration, composition, and functionality.

composition / interaction

Vibrant colors and blocks of text are arranged in an immersive manner, evoking motion and interaction between elements despite print format.

booklet / elements

A booklet was made featuring pieces, production, and highlighting functional details through diagrams.

spread / diagrams

Each diagram page used the same layout, with information appropriately positioned for each (below).

Text and imagery share space and interact to deepen immersive qualities.

Spreads below show Fractal Motion as it appears in the booklet.

first drafts / complications

Original concepts proved to be too ambitious for an underfunded, one-man operation inexperienced in inventing, but they're pictured below anyway.