FROM Matches

| Product Design | Branding | Package Design


Design a unique matchbox, accompanied by its own branding, slogan, and advertising.


Created a matchbox brand with burnt storage compartment, along with slogan and advertising.

My Role

Ideator and lone designer, with helpful critique from peers to flush out any kinks.

| Function
| Matches to Ashes
| Strike-Box

I conceptualized a functional matchbox with its own burnt compartment to target environmentally aware individuals, and give matchboxes more purpose than just lighting a match.

"FROM Matches to Ashes" appears on the box, hinting where fresh FROM Matches are and where burnt ones should be stored.

The logo was designed with multiple symbols in mind. Evocative of a lit or burnt match, it also doubles as a figure raising its arms in joy, praise, or relaxation.

A red and gray logo system denotes which side
of the box users are about to open.

To add brand presence and add product individuality, the logo repeats along the sides
to create a strike-box.