from matches

Branding / Package Design / Advertisement

the ask

Design a matchbox or matchbook, branding, and advertising.

the solution

Developed branding for matchbox featuring an ashtray/burnt match storage compartment, along with advertising poster.

the role

Ideator and lone designer with helpful critique from peers.

ashtray / from matches to ashes

Matchboxes are good for storing and lighting matches, until FROM, with their ashtray compartment. FROM is a fictitious company producing matchboxes that serve more purpose than simply lighting a match.

FROM matches shall return to ashes, as marked on the back. This hints to the company's intention to target environmentally aware individuals, pursuing a clean cycle of less waste and litter.

logo / strike

The logo (right) is evocative of a lit or burnt match, while also doubling as a figure. The logo in gray denotes the ash side of the box (seen above).

Using elements of the logo, patterns were developed (below), with selected pattern serving as the strike area on the matchbox (left).