star store

Logo Design

the ask

Redesign logo of Star Store (UMass Dartmouth's CVPA campus in New Bedford) to be modern and follow updated university branding.

the solution

Developed modern logo representing Star Store building and New Bedford through structure and grid layout, applying updated branding fonts.

the role

Ideator and lone designer. Designed all drafts and received critiques, turning feedback from Creative Director into successful execution.

building / city layout

Logo mark created is a hybrid nod to the building and its location; its grid-like design hints to downtown New Bedford's blocky layout as seen from a bird’s-eye-view.

blocks / from the street

The stacked rows of blocks and text represent the building’s four floors and rectangular shape as seen from the street.


Designs allude to building structure and various disciplines, connecting to current CVPA logo (right) and using fonts from updated university branding.

#1–9: logo shape kept true to original sign with few tweaks to frame text.

#10–20: logo shape manipulated original shape into different forms.

#21–30: logo variations inspired by Star Store building and New Bedford's grid-like layout.

final round

After tweaking the logo combinations preferred by Creative Director, the logos featured left were final options, from which the logo (bottom left) was then selected.