Rich Rags

| Album Art | Merch Design | Creative Direction


Surprise-release Lil Uzi Vert and PnB Rock album needs dual covers and merch.


Developed regular and deluxe covers, along with experimental, gritty yet colorful merch.

My Role

Ideator and lone designer,
with helpful critique from peers.

| Surprise Release
| Glow in the Dark
| Gritty Texture

Rich Rags highlights the two Philadelphia rappers' journeys from struggle to lavish, money/music/fashion-led lifestyles— were they to release music together. Yes, sadly this is only conceptual.

To increase hype around the collaboration, rollout includes a double release: an anonymous surprise and a glow-in-the-dark deluxe release featuring the artists.

The glow effect is also applied to the merch;
a special detail that suits the artists' unique, out of the ordinary fashion senses.

Other deliverables include CD and LP prints,
a tracklist and lyrics booklet, and alternate covers dawning artist-specific nods to love, money, and Philly.