rich rags

Cover / Merch Design

the ask

Design cover and merchandise for fictitious surprise album release from Lil Uzi Vert and the late PnB Rock.

the solution

Developed two covers and merchandise brandishing gritty yet colorful, experimental branding capable of glowing in the dark.

the role

Ideator and lone designer with helpful critique from peers.

name / surprise

The name “Rich Rags" was selected, highlighting their humble beginnings in Philadelphia turning into their current lavish, brag-worthy lifestyles of money, achievement, art, and high fashion.

There would be a double release featuring element of anonymity/surprise to increase discussion around the collaboration; The cover for debut version is featured top left, while the deluxe release cover is top right.

debut / deluxe

The debut delivered with discrete cover. This cover keeps the artists' identities concealed from fans and replaces them with colorful on-brand splatter/stain.

For the deluxe release, a secondary cover was developed showing both artists, revealing their identities and showing their lifestyle. A bonus feature to the deluxe cover and accompanying merch is text and paint being set to glow in the dark (below).

elements / branding

Paint splatter was used as an element to convey the two artists' explosive creativity and humble beginnings through a concrete-like texture. Colors were drawn from other artist releases/branding.


Both CD and LP formats were designed, as shown above in both light and dark settings (below right).

tracklist / lyrics

A booklet was designed to showcase each album tracklist (with features) and lyrics (below left).

posters / philly

Multiple poster variations were developed to include subtle nods to their Philly origins.

PnB Rock’s posters (left) include his Philadelphia roots stemming from Germantown, along with romantic references.

Lil Uzi Vert’s posters (right) also show his Philly origin from Francisville, with reference to drugs as his subject matter.

merch / details

Merch developed for the project is featured below, each donning either Rich Rags, colorful texture, or artist faces seen through heavy manipulation.

runner ups

Other cover variations are featured below, with debut on the left and deluxe on the right.