the new york times

Table of Contents Redesign

the ask

Redesign The New York Times table of contents for February 11th 2018 issue, challenging traditional linear display.

the solution

Developed front and back to table of contents using color and linear elements to connect imagery to articles and allow for more user-driven navigation, rather than list-reading.

the role

Ideator and lone designer with helpful critique from peers.

user / form / navigation

Most tables of contents are linear, as they tend to display content as it appears in a magazine. This is something the redesign challenged, encouraging the reader to browse the content more freely and choose what peaks their interest most, rather than what comes first.

While images are not obviously attached, they are connected by a colored thread-like line to help navigate the labyrinth of articles.

Color from the images was used for connecting lines and article titles for a more clear connection.

editorial / color

The back page of the table of contents (right), traditionally dedicated to editorial pieces, keeps a more traditional approach through the linear list format.

The image used is connected through color rather than by line, with blue from the image being used for both article title and descriptive quote excerpt.