The New York Times

| Table of Contents Redesign


Challenge the linear table of contents for The New York Times' February 11th 2018 issue.


Redesigned using color and lines to display and connect articles in a more user-led navigation.

My Role

Ideator and lone designer with helpful critique from peers to prove function and appeal.

| User  Navigation
| Color
| Imagery

Most magazine tables of contents are linear, traditionally displaying content subsequently.

This comes off as boring and too plain to me, so I wanted to redesign a table of contents from an old New York Times issue. My challenge was to find a way to give the reader freedom to browse and choose content as they please.

Images are connected by colored thread, defining color and giving context on the article.

The back page of the table of contents is traditionally dedicated to editorial pieces. To stay true to intent, this page keeps a traditional approach through its linear format.

The feature article dominates the back page, with blue from the half-page image used for article title and pull quote.